Friday, 16 October 2009

Cafe Conversations

Madame Bink and I spent a some time together in a London garret studio and worked with a little experimental and improvisational theater. We did three sets of one act improvisations, this post being the first shown.

This is the beginning of a body of work I will be doing featuring the Thonet #14 chair, and this part of it is called Cafe Conversations. It is on going and more conversations well be taking place.

I choose to work with the "Thonet 14" to celebrate its 150th birthday. It is a Victorian piece of furniture that was Modernist in concept. Meaning it was some 75 years ahead of its time.

It represents Cafe Culture, and all the ideas, conversations, trysts, and treatises that have occurred in there presence.

So it becomes the perfect partner for these artist/preformers to create a dialogue with. More to come of this project in the future.